About Us

[kohr-eye] Korai is a beauty space offering affordable luxury beauty treatments from head to toe. 

From nails to hair to facials, and even a barber shop, Korai has a place for everyone. Each space is led by industry professionals and offers a distinct luxury service for beauty enthusiasts of all ages and genders. 

Our mission is to provide exquisite comfort, experience luxury services and showcase exponential affordability. Korai is a space for you to invest in your wellbeing: a moment to relax and unwind while leaving your everyday’s hustle and bustle behind.

Korai’s origins stems from the passion for beauty which a mother and daughter-in-law share. The two came together to identify a concept that would accommodate all its clientele’s needs. Designing a space to hold expert reputation through every segment of beauty and level of service it offers. 

Co-founders Shabnam and Sally both have extensive knowledge and experience in the beauty industry. With Shabnam’s skill in hair styling and running her own salon for 20 years and Sally’s expertise in skin and beauty therapies for over 8 years – they have covered the umbrella of beauty within one space, and named it Korai.